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About Lizzie

Lizzie’s initial work used oils, acrylics and charcoal. As climate concerns intensify, she has gravitated towards using natural alternatives in her art embracing historical paper making techniques to harness plants as a medium for her pulp images. With continual experimentation, she explores the possibilities that plants and kitchen waste can offer to create a rustic array of artwork; fibre bowls, botanical prints, anthotypes, chlorophyll prints, naturally dyed textiles, botanical inks.


Each of the plant and vegetable fibres used to make paper has its own unique characteristic and strength and she finds inspiration in the forms and textures that emerge. Most of the fibres she uses are cultivated in her garden or allotment, places which bring her a quiet serenity and time to contemplate the wonder of tiny seeds that transform to offer fibre, colour and texture. For Lizzie, paper is divine; a connection to the earth and the richness of what we are provided with. It captures a breathing living form into something that will have perpetuity.


She finds the almost ritualistic preparation of plant and vegetable fibres for paper making, endlessly fascinating as is the uniqueness of each plant and what the final outcome may be. There is a sense of alchemy with the cooked fibres revealing forms and textures; a natural material, very much alive, out of the ordinary and inspiring. Each colour and texture in her artworks is achieved by a single plant processed and with each plant, there is an associated memory. Stories and experiences infinitely woven into the creative process. To produce a specific colour, the fibres may undergo a secondary stage whereby colour is extracted from another plant and the fibres then dyed with this. Whilst her plant based art endures over many years, any disposed materials are recyclable, biodegradable and non toxic to bodies, soil, air and water. 


Enjoy browsing Lizzie’s website. Art that doesn’t cost the earth.


She has shown her work in various group shows including

  • The Art Show - Watford Herts

  • Portobello Open - Metro Gallery London W11

  • IAPMA - Budapest, Hungary.

  • The Art Stables - London N3 

  • MostArt Centre - London N16

  • London Digital Open - Whitechapel Art Gallery

  • Suburb Art - London NW11

  • Compositions - Proms at St Judes

  • East Finchley Open

  • Hamptead Summer Fair


Her solo exhibitions include:

  • Paperworks - solo exhibition London N20 

  • Environment Centre - solo exhibition Barnet Herts


She is a member of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)

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