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About Lizzie

Lizzie was a late developer, at least in terms of art, only first picking up a paint brush in her mid 50’s. She is still journeying. 


Her work uses oils, charcoal and pulp. She is drawn to the immediacy and absorption of life drawing/painting and finds the almost ritualistic preparation of plant and vegetable fibres for paper making, endlessly fascinating.


A wrong course booking, led Lizzie to become smitten at her first encounter of papermaking. Each of the plant and vegetable fibres used to make paper has its own characteristic and she finds inspiration in the forms and textures that emerge. Many of the fibres she uses are grown either in her garden or allotment, both places which bring her a quiet serenity.


She became Barnet’s first Artist in Residence, running classes and workshops for children and adults in paper making. Combining this with her training as a dance and drama therapist, she has delivered arts workshops in community settings and health centres. She was an accessories designer in the fashion industry and now combines time for her artwork with work in the voluntary sector. She is a Director at The Art Stables, a community arts centre in Finchley, North West London.


Born in London but happier being out of the city, her work and heart are inspired by travel and nature. 



She has shown her work in various group shows including

  • The Art Show - Watford Herts

  • Portobello Open - Metro Gallery London W11

  • IAPMA - Budapest, Hungary.

  • The Art Stables - London N3 

  • MostArt Centre - London N16

  • London Digital Open - Whitechapel Art Gallery

  • Suburb Art - London NW11


Her solo exhibitions include:

  • Paperworks - solo exhibition London N20 

  • Environment Centre - solo exhibition Barnet Herts


She is a member of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)

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